About the Photographer - Purple Fish

My name is Katya Hill, nice to meet you!

This is just a brief introduction of myself so you know what to expect!

My life begun in Soviet Odessa which was later turned into a part of country called Ukraine. Being a very creative child, I was always up to making something out of bits I found on the street, beach or my mum's curtains (sometimes it was her favourite dress or pair of trousers!). In my teens I graduated art school and later a civil engineering university which I didn't find much fun. My parents' persistence made me finish and graduate.

In 2000 I met my future husband via the internet who was helping me with learning English. Several month later I found myself and my five year old daughter joining my "English teacher" at his beautiful house in England as a family. This is where I was able to enjoy doing things I love - long beautiful walks in country side, enjoying nature and wildlife, gardening, painting, sewing, jewellery making and egg decorating.

We moved to the Isle of Man over 10 years ago. My creative outlet now is photography. Again I have had a personal teacher - my husband who has been a photographer for many years and who is now also working professionally.

What I do

I'm a trained professional photographer and I work from my cosy home studio which is located in a beautiful semi-rural area in the South of the Island.

My main area is family, children and pets with newborn that inspires me the most.
I would also be happy to do other types of photography like product, weddings, events, architecture and anything else that might be required.  
Being very creative and experienced in many crafts, I enjoy making my photography props myself. So if there is a specific prop requirement, challenge me!

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