Newborn - Purple Fish

Newborn (0-14days)

There is nothing more special and amazing than welcoming a new baby into this beautiful world! The first few weeks are very special when the baby is still tiny and sleeps most of the time. This is the best time to do a newborn photoshoot to achieve those cute poses.

After about 14 days the baby starts growing and changing fast, they become more alert and can stay awake during the session. Of course all babies are different so this is just a guideline. Sometimes older babies would sleep through entire session while a few days old baby can be awake and unsettled.

So the best time to book your newborn session is 6-8 weeks before the baby is born. I book a due date and then schedule the photoshoot 5-10 days after to give a few days extra leeway in case if a session needs to be re-booked.

Typically a session lasts between 2-4 hours. I would not carry on with a session for longer if baby would not settle and show signs on discomfort. In this case I will have to arrange for you to come back another time, normally in a couple of days.

Preparation guide for newborn session

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